Carolina Wren Press announces the publication of: Goldberg–Variations by Charles Wyatt

Place orders directly from the Carolina Wren website or at your local book store. Advance Praise for Goldberg—Variations FLY-FISHER, WORD-HOUND, WIT and storyteller, Charles Wyatt is most of all a poet with musical skills abounding. . . . Goldberg–Variations is a virtuosity of verse. —DAVID BAKER SUCH DELIGHT, TO SPEND AN AFTERNOON jiggering around in Charles Wyatt’s Goldberg–Variations, within which we readers are transported to so many elsewheres, each with its own lingo, its lush vocabulary. —KATHARINE COLES WALTER PATER’S FAMOUS MAXIM THAT ALL ART aspires to the condition of music is given rapturous embodiment in Charles Wyatt’s Goldberg–Variations. E

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