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Carolina Wren Press announces the publication of: Goldberg–Variations by Charles Wyatt

April 11, 2015

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May 3, 2015



            Somewhere in my music cabinet I might find them.  I kept them because several I had never played before – a set of pieces for solo flute, perhaps a half dozen, ranging from

Syrinx, to Varese's Density 21.5, all choreographed for a small group of dancers.  I had to learn the music and rehearse with the dancers, all within the space of about ten days.  I drew little pictures all over the music to help me remember what kind of cue I was taking –

when to start, when to wait.  Every tempo was fixed, but there were places where things could go freely.  I could not watch the dancers carefully because I had to read the music, but they were so close to me, moving all around me, I could always feel them moving.  I could take in their energy like a plant.  I had never been so close to dancers before.  I couldn't get used to them lying on the floor, always stretching, like a family of large sleepy dogs.

            When the performance began, a solo dancer moved on to the stage next to me for Debussy's Syrinx.  I almost dropped my flute.  She did not tell me she would be naked.








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